Food 4 Kids

Thanks to everyone who has responded so far. The shelves are slowly filling up for the first distribution around the middle of September…remember this program continues to need donations throughout the school year…we feed approx. 150 to 175 every week!

Ambleside Students Helping

Recently the Ambleside School students marched down to the Needs Council with coats, jackets, food, and smiles on their faces in anticipation of helping others. What struck me the most was that the staff had the wherewithal to meet afterward with the children, to help them become more aware of why they were giving and to help them truly understand that there are others in need.

I know that what followed made it truly a Circle of Life. For soon after, in fact within the hour, a group of women and children entered the door in hopes of getting coats. Again, smiles on their faces, anticipation in their countenance, but of a different sort…

We don’t all come to life easily. But where one person gives and another receives, we see the basic element of human kind at its best.

Pay It Forward Cabin – Holy Ghost Youth Group

As part of their Spring Break, students from Holy Ghost Lutheran’s Youth Group led by Youth Minister Clint Pleunneke, joined adult leaders to put the siding on the Pay It Forward Cabin near Harper.

Project Manager, Wayne Utley coordinated the work stations and everybody enjoyed working on the cabin. It is being built with the generous donations of materials from Pro Build and funds donated to the Needs Council specifically for the Pay It Forward Cabin.

The number of volunteers who have put their sweat into this project numbers over 60 to date! The Pay It Forward Cabin is so named because prior to contracting cancer and suffering a heart attack the recipient donated many hours and expertise to similar projects in South Texas and Louisiana.

St. Mary's Youth Group

St Mary’s Youth group working at a home near Stonewall

Tim Rutledge of RF Enterprises, brought the bobcat and dump truck to haul in gravel for the dirt driveway. He also hauled away junk to dump! 14 students worked to clear debris, chop weeds, spread the gravel and have fun making improvements for a mother and her disabled son. Rick and Sandra Brodbeck, youth ministers, led the work.

Various Projects

Angel Tree, Cancer patient Driver Training, Christmas Families, Volunteer Picnic, Care Calls, & Coats for Kids.

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