We could not do what we do without volunteers. We fulfill our mission through the loving hearts and willing hands of our volunteers.

We Need You

We are always looking for volunteers. Volunteers are needed for:

  • medical transportation drivers
  • programs
  • office work
  • publicity
  • fundraising
  • one-on-one visit with a lonely senior

Please consider contacting us and spending a few hours per week putting your willing hands to work for those living around you with serious unmet needs.

Volunteer Opportunities for Winter

  • Give Warm Winter donations — Coats, Blankets & Heaters
  • Help in the office with Campaign
  • Donate HEB and WalMart gift cards for special needs.
  • Call the Needs Council office for special projects currently needing helpers.

Volunteering Provides Great Value

Volunteering provides great value for our lives and the lives of those we choose to enrich. One study from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Business School, and the Yale School of Management found that when a person volunteers his or her time, they begin to feel like they have more time and are more efficient. Additionally, volunteers feel better about themselves, experience lower stress levels, and develop a deeper connection with others. The golden number appears to be 100 hours per year (2 hours/week).

Call us at 830-997-9756