Thank You from an Angel Tree Recipient

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Thank You from an Angel Tree Recipient

The following letter was addressed to the Hill Country Needs Council (aka Santa Claus):

Dear “Santa” & All his helpers:

With hospital bill arriving from my recent knee replacement looking like part of the national debt, I had decided best to ignore the season & just enjoy the music & Charlie Brown specials. But then your “jolly elves” arrived today bearing not just gifts, but things I had needed or wanted. Needed bedroom shoes but decided food more urgent. Now I’m toasty warm in beautiful, red slippers, + a beautiful blue (my favorite color) throw, luxurious bathroom set, frozen dinner, & oh, the candy! what a luxury! Been needing a bedroom clock (this one is so sleek + great size) – so many goodies I hope I’ve not forgotten anything.

It’s hard sometimes when you reach 80 without family – no grandchildren, many old friends live far away – to keep a happy face. Being housebound chained to a walker is a challenge, but when I realized the support you have given me I have to feel blessed. You have made such a great difference in both my life & my outlook.

May God continue to bless you & the wonderful, caring work you do. You are truly “Angels unaware”.

I pray you all have your best holiday yet.

With love, appreciation & admiration,

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