How we define “Community” …

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How we define “Community” …

What truly defines “Community” may differ from varying perspectives, but I’d like to offer mine.

Recently the Needs Council has witnessed “Community” in a profound way.  A man called to offer a travel trailer he and his wife had purchased several years ago with plans to see the country.  Well, life happened and they didn’t need it anymore.  He asked if we knew anyone who might make use of it.  We did, a mother who spends her days and nights caring for a disabled son who lives in a trailer that’s seen better days.  To go inside during and after a rainstorm is to enter a swamp.  Many patch jobs were attempted but the water always found a new way in.

Several volunteers pitched in to prepare the trailer and the new location for the move; clearing branches, hooking up the utilities, and showing the mother how everything works!

These talented and generous people volunteer because they care about people, about their neighbors even if they don’t know their names, and because they appreciate belonging to this “Community”.  The mother in the “new” trailer feels as if she won the lottery and has to pinch herself to make certain she’s not dreaming.

During this same two week period your Needs Council assisted: 12 families with rent/mortgage payments, 11 families with Medical, Dental and Vision needs, 9 families with utility bills, 8 children with summer camp scholarships to Boys and Girls Club, a disabled man with wheel chair repair, and 113 children took home Food 4 Kids bags full of nutritious food.  Our two in house counselors saw 18 clients, 80% of whom were victims of domestic violence.  Transportation volunteers took 22 seniors to medical appointments and 21 HAS volunteers visited their homebound seniors.  We also listened to numerous individuals as they related the hardships facing them from the death of a spouse, to the agony of making the decision it’s time for a parent to enter a nursing home, to how to pay bills while taking chemo and radiation treatments.  All this and more, made possible by your donations and volunteer support.

Travel magazines are prone to list “best places to live” using a variety of categories, if the list rated communities by how well its citizens support one another I dare say Fredericksburg would be at the top.

Cindy Heifner, Director of Hill Country Community Needs Council