Christmas Families Program

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Christmas is a time of sharing and celebration. Our Christmas Families Program is an opportunity for your family or group to share with a family in a very practical and enjoyable way. The staff selects approximately 100 families that have been assisted throughout the year and invites them to fill out a wish list for each member of the family. The families are encouraged to list practical gifts such as clothing, shoes and personal need items. They also fill out a household wish list for items such as towels, laundry detergent, bedding and small appliances.

Last year when one group leader read the family’s list she said, “Laundry detergent, how can that be a Christmas gift?” We told her that almost every family had listed it because it is expensive and everyone needs it! We actually had a woman break out in tears of joy as if she’d won the lottery when she received a 5 gallon bucket of laundry detergent with a big red bow on it.

We assign a number to each family; this protects the confidentiality and dignity of our clients. As the gifts arrive at the Needs Council the parents are notified to pick up at their convenience. This allows parents the option of hiding the gifts until Christmas, and no one, especially their children, need know the origin of the gifts.

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